Finding Meaning in the Madness

It used to be much more common to keep a journal, and I have always kept one myself in one form or another. My journals kept me from losing my mind as a child growing up the way I did and they also helped me heal later in life.

I’m not new to blogging or this community in particular, I am just really getting back into it after years of being offline. I never imagined I’d pick it back up yet I already have one blog, Empty Nest Homesteading, but its focus is a bit narrow and I’d like to keep it that way. So I feel compelled to write here, too, and I have plans to slowly shape this blog into something unique and hopefully something inspirational to anyone else who may have a high ACE score, like I do (more on that later).

So while I have no idea where this blog will take either of us I have high hopes for it and my biggest hope is that you’ll subscribe and drop a comment now and then to let me know what you think. Maybe together we can find some meaning in the madness of life. ❤

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