The Gift of Staying Present

I honestly don’t know how the young people today grow up without mental health issues. It boggles my mind when people see the statistics getting worse with each generation and scratch their heads, wondering why everyone seems to be slowly going mad, but I guess it’s easier to do that than to face reality. We live in a crazy, effed up world. Humans have been and still are the most vile creatures on the planet, if they so choose to be and the natural world itself wants to kill us at every turn.

You have to be extremely resilient and strong willed to not let it at least get you mildly anxious or depressed.

Of course some people are wired differently and seem to sail through anything unscathed, a smile on their face and a spring in their step. You almost feel embarrassed when they’re around because it just shows how much you can’t handle life since this person over here has been through just as much adversity, if not more, yet still finds happiness and contentment.

Or do they?

Every so often we’ll read of the suicide that no one saw coming. They were always happy-go-lucky and had a charmed life. You know, then that whole ‘you can’t read a book by its cover’ thing gets thrown around and we all realize that none of us are immune. None.

It’s like we’re in a game of who can survive the longest without giving up, and so far I feel like I’m doing pretty well. When old habits kick back in or even just negative thoughts linger a bit too long, I throw myself back into my work. Which for me is being a full time husky wrangler and part time blogger.

I’m making videos for my husband’s YouTube channels now, and that’s rewarding not to mention time consuming. Not to mention attention consuming, which is good to keep your mind wandering back in time to relive things you want to forget and can’t change anyway.

Healing from abuse means rewiring how your brain works because we can get stuck in a loop, always worrying about the past and afraid for the future things to come. Being in the moment is a gift we can give ourselves but it takes practice. I still haven’t mastered it, but I do pretty well these days.

Something else I did to help myself was EMDR but I did it at home, online during the lockdowns. There are a few videos out there you can find, but you have to really put the work in. It does help, though.

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