The Best Advice

I found this comment somewhere and copied it so I could revisit the wisdom contained within whenever I feel the need. I thought I’d share it here because it may help you, too:

You need to practice acceptance. Carrying all this baggage with you is no way to live. You can put the past away and just bring it out on the odd occasion for an airing. Writing it down does help. What helps more is acceptance. It happened it is not happening now. I am now free to walk my walk, look at the present day, look to the future. The past you describe did happen don’t deny it but do not let it define you. No psychiatrist in the world can help you more than you can help yourself and you do that by living in the present not the past not the future. You live each day as a new day a new opportunity. You don’t need luck you need resolve from within. Use it and enjoy the rest of your life spend time looking forwards not back.

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