When the Circus Came to Town (part 3)

What happened next is a bit of a blur but I do remember my husband heading out to stop him from going into the camper after my niece and I also remember being determined to stop the next generation from being abused, whatever it took.

At some point, I called the cops and reported it all. They had us keep my niece for a few days until they could talk to my sister and her greasy friend and get to the bottom of things.

I wish there was a happy ending, but there isn’t. The police would do nothing to intervene at the end of the day, my dad and stepmom wouldn’t get involved and even turned on me as though I had no right to interfere with how my sister was “raising” her child, and there really was nothing we could do but watch these two deviants take off to the wilderness to live like vagabonds with my beautiful, vulnerable young niece who deserved so much better in life than the hand she was dealt.

I was so traumatized by my sister and her perversions as a child myself, it nearly broke me to feel so helpless, knowing what her daughter was in for but I tried to get on with my life and focus on my own little family.

Keeping them protected from these insane monsters became my only goal in life. I suddenly saw my dad for what he truly was – a coward at minimum and a fellow child molester protecting his own at worst.

The sad thing is, my sister had always accused him of raping her from a young age yet none of us believed her. Our mom had made sure that we didn’t take anything she said seriously, but after that day I began to see the truth of what my father was and why my older sister and brother were the way they were.

And it horrified me.

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